Rattail: Software for Retailers

Welcome to the Rattail project.

Rattail is a collection of free software designed for use in retail environments, available under the GNU General Public License, version 3.


There is, at long last, a Rattail Demo which is intended to show off various features of the software. It doesn't do much yet, but will be improved as the author has time.

Note that you should login as chuck / admin for full demo access.


Here is a conceptual diagram of a "complete" Rattail system. The name "Poser" refers to a custom app built atop Rattail and Tailbone (the web app for Rattail). All systems on the right hand side of the graphic are external to Poser/Rattail, i.e. they are not "plugins" although Poser may use plugin-like logic for the sake of integrating with these systems.



Please see Documentation for a (hopefully) better starting point. (But that isn't really complete yet, so what you see below is left intact in the meantime.)

Please understand that the documentation for Rattail is very much a work in progress. Some aspects have received more recent / thorough treatment than others, but it remains somewhat sparse...

Some documentation is maintained along with the various Python software packages; see here for that list.

There is still an older wiki available also; the content of which is mostly if not entirely outdated. Proceed there at your own risk. (Use guest / guest for the HTTP auth credentials.)


Please see the Rattail Trac for source code, bug tracker, etc.

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