Deployment Demo

A source repository is maintained as a demo for the Rattail deployment framework. Its goals are to:

Virtual Environment

You must first set up your control environment. Assuming Python/pip/virtualenv are present, create (and activate) a new virtual environment:

cd /srv/envs
virtualenv fabdemo
source fabdemo/bin/activate

Source Code

Fetch the demo code with:

cd ~/src
git clone

With your virtual environment activated then, install the package:

cd ~/src/rattail-fabdemo
pip install -e .

Server Bundle Prep

See Server Bundle Prep for general instructions, but in the case of the demo, there is technically none required at all. This is a convenience; bundles normally always require some prep.

Server Machine Prep

As with any bundle, you have two main (documented) options for the target server. You can either target a conventional (physical) machine, in which case see Server Machine Prep, or you can target a virtual machine, in which case see Testing with Vagrant.

Bootstrapping the Server

With your virtual environment activated, bootstrap the 'host' server with (paraphrasing here, fab options will depend on your connection needs):

cd ~/src/rattail-fabdemo/servers/host
fab -H target bootstrap_all

Upon completion, there should be a Tailbone web app running on the server, e.g. at http://target/. If you used Vagrant then you should be able to browse this site at http://localhost:9080/.

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