Replacing a Live Server

This page tries to outline the basic steps for replacing a live server, using the Rattail deployment framework.

This is mostly a placeholder page for now.

  1. Prepare a new server which will become the replacement.

  2. Prepare the server bundle within your control environment.

  3. Bootstrap the new server.

  4. Synchronize all (relevant) databases and files from the (current/old) live server to the new server.
  5. Optionally, perform additional backup(s) for the live server.
  6. Stop all relevant services (Apache, Samba, Rattail daemons) on live server.
  7. Synchronize all relevant data once more. (Idea being, the first sync and backup might have taken quite a while.)
  8. Change hostname of current/old live server, if necessary, then power off and/or remove from network.
  9. Ensure new server has correct hostname and IP address, reconfiguring/rebooting as necessary.

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