Rattail Administration Guide

We hope you find the following helpful for administering your Rattail system(s).

Please note that Rattail systems can be quite diverse, so this guide by definition won't be "complete" for your system. You are encouraged to maintain supplemental documentation specific to your system, as needed.

As per usual, the name "Poser" here will refer to your custom system/project.


Really there are only a couple of "supported" installation types as of this writing:

Of course no Installation is complete without Configuration! In which case see next section.

There also is a doc for Installing the Rattail Demo app specifically, if you wish to just try things out.


A big topic! Please see Configuration.

Note that you probably should have already installed a Rattail app of some sort, before the Configuration docs will be of much use.

Deployment with Fabric

What we mean by "deployment" here is not limited to Rattail apps! We use Fabric to orchestrate full deployment of Linux servers, installing everything after ssh and sudo are in place, essentially.

The deployment basics have been moderately documented; see Deployment.


We outline a "recommended" approach to Backups.


TODO? e.g. Hardware? Recipes?

Not sure where best to put this at least; here works...

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