Zebra QL 320Plus

This document contains various notes relating to the Zebra QL 320Plus mobile printer, often used for product labels.


The QL 320Plus uses the CPCL language by default, but also allows for ZPL II (as well as EPL2) emulation. However, getting it to "play nicely" may take some tweaking of printer settings initially.

Instructions on how to send command sequences to the printer are documented elsewhere and will not be covered here.


The first step in my testing was to configure the printer's emulation to use ZPL II instead of EPL2 (etc.). This involved sending the following CPCL command to the printer:

! U1 setvar "device.languages" "ZPL"


According to this knowledge base article:

The article further references a calibration document with some more specifics. The step required in my testing was to send a ZPL command sequence to the printer which basically instructs it to calibrate itself:


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