Installing Rattail on Windows

It should be noted that "Rattail" is more of an umbrella term and "installing Rattail" may mean various things depending on which libraries you need etc. In this context "installing Rattail" refers to installing one or more Python packages from the general Rattail project.


Since Windows does not ship with Python, the first thing is to make sure Python is installed and working. Note that there are technically other requirements as well; see Installing Python for the details.


Now for some actual Rattail. Note that in practice, on production Windows machines, virtual environments are not typically used. Rather, the packages are installed to the "system" site-packages folder.

Which package(s) you need will again vary depending on your intent, but in all cases the core 'rattail' package will be needed. Open a command line and grab it:

pip install rattail

If you run LOC SMS and intend to integrate with it you may also want to:

pip install rattail-locsms

You can see more packages on PyPI. Note that some provide "out of the box" functionality and some are really just libraries; some require special configuration etc. It may help to check out the Applications and/or Utilities pages to get an idea of what you need. See also Configuration.

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