Rattail Utilities for LOC SMS

The following Rattail utilities are designed for use with LOC SMS.

Data Snapshots

First please note that the "data snapshot" referred to here is not a true backup/restore solution. (You should use the native SMS tools for that.)

For development and testing purposes, it seems (to me) useful to obtain a copy of production data for use in the test environment. Since a complete SMS backup would include data records for terminals (TER_TAB) and targets (STO_TAB), etc. (i.e. things which may be undesirable in the testing environment), the utilities below are designed to be more selective. They hopefully include useful data but nothing which may interfere with the test(s).

Deploy Hooks

An installable SMS "option" is available which will export CSV data when changes are deployed. See the link for more info.

Purge "non-PAL" Records

In a multi-store environment, it sometimes happens that your SMS host database can become cluttered with various types of product records with a target (F1000) other than 'PAL' and which you would prefer go away. There's a tool for that:

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