Establish Main App Database

Now that you have a hang of how to use the Rattail-style command line (somewhat), let’s move on to the database.

The main reason to wait until now to add a DB to the mix, was simply to show that the “core” of Rattail does not need a DB. However in practice there are definitely some commands which Rattail comes with out of the box, and which also would require one or even multiple databases to be present.

Create User for PostgreSQL

Before we make our database, let’s first establish a user account within Postgres, which we will designate as the “owner” of our database(s).

It is convention within Rattail, to create a PG user named “rattail” for this purpose. You are free to use another name if you prefer:

sudo -u postgres createuser --no-createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser rattail

You also should declare a password for the user:

sudo -u postgres psql -c "alter user rattail password 'newpassword'"

Create Database

Now that we know who to use as the “owner” we will create a new Postgres database:

sudo -u postgres createdb --owner rattail rattut

Of course we named our database “rattut” here only because we’re assuming this tutorial project is the app, but your name may be different.

At this point you should update your app/rattail.conf file to reflect your chosen database name and user credentials:

default.url = postgresql://rattail:newpassword@localhost/rattut

Install DB Schema

So you have a DB but it’s empty; you can confirm that with:

sudo -u postgres psql -c '\d' rattut

But we’ll fix that now. Schema is managed entirely via Alembic “version” scripts, so to install the schema we merely run all the scripts:

bin/alembic -c app/rattail.conf upgrade heads

(Note that you must use rattail.conf for that; quiet.conf won’t work.)

If you check the DB again you should see a good amount of tables.

Create Admin User in DB

We include this here not so much because you need an admin user in your DB at this point (although you will for the web app), but rather just to confirm that everything is setup correctly thus far.

You currently should have no users in your DB:

sudo -u postgres psql -c 'select * from "user"' rattut

Okay then let’s make an admin user for you:

bin/rattail -c app/quiet.conf make-user --admin myusername

Now if you query the user table again you should see your new account.