Rattail can invoke the borg create command, to make one or more Borg archives at configured locations. For more about Borg, see

This allows for multiple destinations so that to be extra super safe, you can e.g. make archives at each of:

  • second drive attached to local machine

  • path on remote machine on local network

  • path on remote machine in the cloud

Rattail also will invoke the borg prune command to keep the archive repositories from growing too large etc.


You can enable the borg feature like so:

borg.enabled = true

The borg feature is disabled by default but you can make that explicit:

borg.enabled = false


Rattail supports multiple destinations for Borg archives; it will run borg create (and also borg prune) separately for each defined.

As an example we’ll show config with 3 destinations; hopefully from here you can figure out how to do what you need:

borg.remotes =

borg.remote.mydrive.repo = /mnt/mydrive/borg-storage/myserver
borg.remote.mydrive.passphrase = sooperseekrit

borg.remote.otherserver.repo = borguser@otherserver:/srv/borg-storage/myserver
borg.remote.otherserver.passphrase = sooperseekrit

borg.remote.cloudserver.repo = borguser@cloudserver:/srv/borg-storage/myserver
borg.remote.cloudserver.passphrase = sooperseekrit

The above uses the same Borg encryption passphrase for all 3 repositories but they could be different if you wanted.

If destination is on another server, in some cases you must tell Rattail where the Borg binary lives on that server, e.g.:

borg.remotes = cloudserver

borg.remote.cloudserver.repo = borguser@cloudserver:/srv/borg-storage/myserver
borg.remote.cloudserver.passphrase = sooperseekrit
borg.remote.cloudserver.borg = /path/to/borg

Files to Backup

This works the same way as for rsync; see Files to Backup.

However the actual config option names can vary in the following way:

If you prefer, or need to differentiate, you can specify the include and exclude options with borg prefix:

borg.include = /home
borg.exclude = /home/ignoreme

If you do specify them that way, Rattail will honor them. But if you do not, it also will honor the same options with rsync prefix:

rsync.include = /home
rsync.exclude = /home/ignoreme

This is because anyone using both rsync and borg will likely want the same set of files backed up both ways. Also because the rsync feature came first…