Common Install Steps

How exactly you install an app to your virtual environment can vary.

However they all involve using pip install in some way or another. And therefore your virtual environment should be “activated” when running the commands shown below.

Installing from PyPI

If the app is published to the Python Package Index (PyPI) then you can just pip install it. For instance that is the case for Theo, so if that’s what you’re after then:

pip install tailbone-theo

Installing from Source

If you need (or want) to install from source, then of course the first step is to obtain the source code for the app. Here we’ll again use Theo as our example:

git clone

Then you would install that to your virtual environment like so:

pip install -e ./theo

Sanity Check

Before we do anything else let’s confirm that you have the ‘rattail’ package installed, at the very least. With your env still activated try this:

rattail --version

That of course should spit out a version number; if you see anything else then you may need to troubleshoot that first.