POS and Other Data Stores

Rattail is able to read from and/or write to various other data stores, for example:

  • POS systems

  • any SQL DB

  • any web API

  • Excel, CSV etc.

When we say that “Rattail is able” to do this, really we mean that all the building blocks are there already and implementing specific import/export logic should require minimal effort. In some cases a “common” e.g. POS system may be well-supported out of the box.

Supported POS Systems

The following POS systems are considered well-supported. Integration packages for each are continually being developed. However the nature of integrations possible with each of these will vary:


  • ECRS Catapult


These systems are not well-supported but have received some amount of attention in the past, so are not entirely unknown:

  • CAM32

  • Revel

  • ScanMaster