Quick Start

This should get you up and running with a custom Rattail app within minutes. (For a more thorough treatment see the Rattail Tutorial.)

Go to the Rattail Demo and generate a new “rattail” type project. You must login to get access; use “chuck” / “admin” for credentials.

Name your project whatever you like. The default is “Okay-Then” so we’ll assume that here. You should download a zip file, e.g. okay-then.zip which contains the project files. Extract it somewhere convenient; we’ll use ~/src/okay-then:

mkdir -p ~/src
unzip ~/Downloads/okay-then.zip -d ~/src

Your local PostgreSQL service should be available, and user (named rattail) and DB (named okay-then) created:

sudo apt install postgresql
sudo -u postgres createuser -P rattail
sudo -u postgres createdb -O rattail okay-then

Make and activate a virtual environment; e.g. /srv/envs/okay-then:

mkdir -p /srv/envs
python -m venv /srv/envs/okay-then
source /srv/envs/okay-then/bin/activate

With the virtual environment active, run the development bootstrap script:

python ~/src/okay-then/dev/bootstrap.py