Quick Start

This guide will create a new app/project. It assumes you already have, and are somewhat familiar with, Python and PostgreSQL (or MySQL).

NB. the name “poser” is a stand-in, use whatever name you like for your app/project.

First make and activate a virtual environment:

python3 -m venv /path/to/envs/poser
source /path/to/envs/poser/bin/activate

You may need to upgrade pip and friends, depending on the age of your python:

python -m pip install -U pip setuptools wheel

Install the core Rattail package, with ‘db’ extra:

pip install rattail[db]

Create the PostgreSQL user and DB:

sudo -u postgres createuser -P poser
sudo -u postgres createdb -O poser poser

Or if using MySQL instead:

sudo mysql -e "create user poser@localhost"
sudo mysql -e "alter user poser@localhost identified by 'THEPASSWORD'"
sudo mysqladmin create poser
sudo mysql -e "grant all on poser.* to poser@localhost"

Make your app project:

rattail -n make-project /path/to/src/poser

Your project comes with its own command, to install and configure a new app instance:

cd /path/to/envs/poser
bin/poser -n install

You should now be able to run the web app:

cd /path/to/envs/poser
bin/pserve --reload file+ini:app/web.conf

By default you can browse it at http://localhost:9080

Don’t forget to git commit the project etc.