This manual is primarily concerned with 3 “types” of email:

  • emails sent by the underlying system

  • emails sent via Python logging mechanism

  • emails sent explicitly by a Poser/Rattail app

The first, “emails sent by the underlying system” refers primarily to emails sent by the cron daemon. See System Emails for more about those.

The second, “emails sent via Python logging mechanism” is covered in Logging to Email.

The third, “emails sent explicitly by a Poser/Rattail app” is the primary motivation behind this section of the manual. In particular see the sections about Rattail Configuration, Customizing Templates and Programmatically Sending Email.

Finally, if you’re sending email to the public, it may be helpful to detect bounces and e.g. flag an address as invalid if it triggers a bounce. See Handling Email Bounces for more on that.