Basic install of Supervisor itself:

sudo apt install supervisor

Adding a Process [Group]


User Access

By default only the root user can control Supervisor, e.g.:

sudo supervisorctl status

TODO: describe how to give e.g. rattail user access as well

Configuring XML-RPC

Supervisor can provide a XML-RPC interface, with which Rattail can communicate “directly” instead of invoking shell commands.

To enable this interface, create a file at e.g. /etc/supervisor/conf.d/supervisor.conf and in it put:

port =
username = myuser
password = mypass

Choose whichever credentials you like for the above; use the same ones in the remaining steps.

Once the above file is in place, restart:

sudo systemctl restart supervisor

Now within your Rattail config, set the Supervisor URL:

supervisorctl_url = http://myuser:mypass@localhost:8127/RPC2

You may need to restart the Rattail app(s) as well.