Running the Command

If you have installed and configured the backup app, you can run it like so:

cd /srv/envs/backup
sudo -H bin/rattail -c app/rattail.conf backup

Overnight tasks should probably use app/silent.conf instead:

cd /srv/envs/backup
sudo -H bin/rattail -c app/silent.conf backup

Either of those will cause Rattail to invoke its backup logic. Since neither of those passes any extra args to the backup command, the behavior will be determined only by the config file.

If you are following along in order, and only have the “sample” rattail.conf file in place, that tells Rattail to:

  • dump all databases to file (for postgres and mysql)

  • do not run rsync

  • do not run borg create

But of course that is just for the sample; your config file may tell Rattail to do something else.

Command Parameters

The above shows “normal” use, when you just run rattail backup and do not specify any params. But there are some available, e.g. so you can run just the rsync part but nothing else, despite what config says.

They are not yet documented here; for now please see the built-in help:

cd /srv/envs/backup
sudo -H bin/rattail -c app/rattail.conf backup --help